Famed Designer Slammed For Sexist Comments


Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer for Fendi, Chanel and his own fashion line, has been making sexist and fat comments about models, singers and other celebrities for years. Now, French organization Belle Ronde Sexy et Je M’assume (Beautiful, Round, Sexy and Okay With It) has had enough and is suing the fashion guru.

In his latest antics, Lagerfeld gave his opinion, “The hole in social security, it’s also [due to] all the diseases caught by people who are too fat,” during a “Le Grand 8” episode on October 4. He also reiterated, “Nobody wants to see curvy women on the catwalk,” which is a line out of his book, “The World According to Karl.”

Betty Aubriere, the president of Belle Ronde Sexy et Je M’assume, has filed a lawsuit against Lagerfeld for discriminatory and defamatory remarks. She told French press that her group is tired of this. Many young women are insecure, and these comments are terrible for them to hear, she noted. Aubriere also called for legislation that prevents discrimination against curvaceous people.

Lagerfeld’s remarks on the D8 show are no surprise. Another line in his book reads, “It’s the fat women sitting in front of televisions with their pack of crisps who say slim models are hideous.” In a 2012 comment about British singer Adele, he said she is “a little too fat.” He apologized afterward, but earlier this year he made it worse by explaining that what he really said was that Adele is “a little roundish.”