Boeing Targets Airbus’s Largest Customer AirAsia To Sell Its Innovative NMA


In a major turn of events witnessed across the aviation sector, Boeing is predicted to convince AirAsia for purchasing its proposed New Mid-market Airplane referred as 797. Reportedly, the U.S. based airliner is targeting sales of A330neo aircrafts ­­ to AirAsia, which is one of the largest customers of Airbus. For the record, AirAsia operates over 30 current models of Airbus’s A330neo jets and it has placed an order for 10 big A350 aircrafts as well as 66 mid-size widebody A330neo airplanes with Airbus.

According to the sources familiar with the details of the campaign, Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia, was discussing the purchase of more A330neos with Airbus when Boeing tried to convince him to cancel the order for Airbus aircrafts, while buying its ten 787 New Mid-market Airplanes.

Sources cite that Boeing’s new NMA model, which is estimated to cost nearly USD 10 billion for the airliner, includes two twin-aisle aircrafts with smaller size as compared to current Wide-body aircrafts. The new aircraft version can accommodate approximately 220 to 270 seats and can fly at a speed of about 5,000 nautical miles.

However, Airbus’s top-selling A321neo, with a 206 seating capacity and a flying speed of 4,000 nautical miles, falls below the new NMA model. While A330neo fits above as it can carry 287 passengers and can fly at a speed of nearly 6,550 nautical miles.

Experts believe that it will be challenge for Boeing to sell NMA models as it is likely to face tough competition from cost-effective A330 aircraft model of Airbus.

Today, U.S. airliner Boeing and Romanian state airliner TAROM have signed a deal with latter ordering five Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircrafts at estimated price of USD 586 million. Reports claim that the new jets will be delivered over the next five years to TAROM. Earlier, TAROM had entered into an operational leasing agreement with Boeing for its 2 Boeing 737-800 NG jets and started operating them last month.