“Suspicious Link Indicator” Launched By WhatsApp For All Android Beta Users


WhatsApp in an attempt to battle spoofing, phishing, and spam on its platform had lately initiated experimenting the Suspicious Link Indicator feature in 2.18.204 Android beta variant. Nevertheless, this experiment was restricted to a very small digit of beta users. At present, WhatsApp has launched this feature to the entire user base on Android beta beginning version 2.18.221.

WhatsApp beta on Android 2.18.221 has the capability of tagging a “Suspicious Link” every time a contact transmits one to you (initially speckled by WABetaInfo). The new update is anticipated to caution unknowing customers of a suspicious link prior to they open it.

Reportedly, WhatsApp will also notify the user once more by hunting for odd characters if they attempt to launch the link. Go Back and Open Link are the 2 alternatives that will be presented. The suspicious character is spotlighted in the dialogue box that emerges when one attempts to launch the link. At present, the new Suspicious Link Detection feature is not accessible on Windows and iOS Phone but would be launched in upcoming updates.

Though this new feature will function as a measure against spoofing, phishing, and probably even spam, it might not be as effectual in fighting fake news—now which is a big issue for WhatsApp. There are numerous websites that don’t have any unique characters within the URL but are recognized for thinning out conspiracy theories and unconfirmed or overall fake stories as valid news.

WhatsApp, earlier this week, declared that it is intending to cap message forwarding abilities for the users in India following mob happenings in the country. The initiative comprises a lower cap of 5 messages and the “quick forward” shortcut’s elimination from media messages. Also, the firm asserted that more videos and messages are forwarded by the Indian users than any other marketplace in the world.