German Students Surpassed Speed Record Of Hyperloop That Was So Far Dominated By SpaceX


A group of engineering students group named, WARR Hyperloop, at the Technical University of Munich, was awarded as the winner of SpaceX hyperloop pod competition. The pod developed by WARR set a benchmark for the other competitors by attaining the top speed of 284 miles per hour.

The team has marked its consecutive third win in the competition. The pod made by the group reached the top speed and was 50% faster, compared to the previous record set by SpaceX, according to TechCrunch.

“Post second competition, we came across a thought that we could develop some mechanism that has more acceleration than recorded by the previous pod in the Hyperloop project,” The project leader of the group, Gabriele Semino, stated in an email. “After long days of extreme and complex hard work, we, at last, got the opportunity to test the capability of our new pod in the tube and demonstrate its swiftness.”

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, had organized its first hyperloop competition last year in January, where the winning team’s pod reached the maximum speed of 58 miles per hour. There were two major protocols in the competition; one, the pods for competition should be self-propelled and second, the winner will be judged on the basis of maximum speed reached without crashing.

Last year in December, Virgin Hyperloop One operated by Richard Branson tested its pod, which hit the speed of 240 miles per hour. Semino also said, “It is quite intricate to compare the records in two different facilities, as they are dissimilar in propulsion system and length.”

Hyperloop TT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) has signed a deal with Tongren Transportation & Tourism Investment Group to develop first hyperloop system for China. The company has also signed multiple contracts with entities based in Ukraine and the UAE for system development purpose.